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CNM Forest Honey – 500 gms

AED 75.00

Quantity (gms) : 500 gms

Product Specifications
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Daily dose of Raw Honey helps raise the levels of health promoting antioxidants. Our pure and natural honey is harvested from Indian Forest, its then filtered and packed to give you nutrient rich honey. Honey has known to be a substance that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and loaded with minerals and enzymes. It has been long used for its healing properties and disease prevention.

Ingredients: Raw Honey

Use our honey as a sweetener and enjoy your foods as much as helping your body to boost immunity, improve digestion, stay energetic and make your skin glow. Or take a spoonful to soothe cough, increase blood count and have better sleep.

Quantity (gms)

500 gms

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