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CNM Health Mix – 500 gms

AED 16.00

Quantity (gms) : 500 gms

Product Specifications
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Mixed cereals, grains and nuts for perfect nutrition and taste! It is suitable for babies 6 months and above. The ingredients are thoroughly cleaned and dry roasted individually allowing them to release flavor, then we combine and grind it to give you health mix that tastes just like your Grandmother’s recipe. Only naturally nutrition rich powder and nothing else.

Ingredients: Ragi (finger millet), bajra (pearl millet), jowar (sorghum), barley, soy bean, wheat, green moong, roasted chana dal, almond, cashew, peanut, cardamom

Add one heaped spoon of Clover Health Mix to half cup each of milk and water, mix it until there are no lumps. Let it boil over medium heat for one minute while stirring continuously. Add a spoon of Clover Cane Jaggery Powder or any natural sugar to make yourself a wholesome and delicious drink.

Quantity (gms)

500 gms

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