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Free Delivery On All Orders Above  100 AED

Our Hot Line :

+971 2 6666973

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+971 54 3378269

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About Us

Simplicity is our key

The Grandma’s Way

We are Old Fashioned
We do things the Grandma’s Way


In our small way, we contribute to eco-friendly initiatives and are constantly working to make changes that protect the environment.



At Nature Mills, we love Nature, we respect Nature, we adore Nature, we enjoy Nature in all its glory and believe Nature is God. We understand the dynamics of Nature and how so magnificent are its gifts to Mankind. Nature has all that and more for us to enjoy this life with bliss, passion, meaning, strength and balance.
"Nature Mills has endeavored to embrace a fragment of this unlimited goodness and priceless gifts of Nature in our core business concept..."
"Simplicity is our Key"
"Come Let’s Celebrate the Goodness of Ancient Food Wisdom"
"Traditional is always in Trend"
"Right food is nourishment for your Body, Mind and Soul"
"Handmade foods are epic"
"Choose to pay the Farmer, not the Doctor"
Wherever you go, you are still in the lap of Mother Nature
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About Clover Nature Mills

We, at Nature Mills, believe that having a healthy lifestyle starts with something pure and natural. That’s why when we produce your favorite products, we ensure its healthy goodness by acquiring it from an authentic source. With the help of traditional methods used in the olden (yet golden) age, we consider the many beneficial attributes that come with this process. From crushing nuts in a wooden-press machine to filtering the oils naturally, our products are healthier and much more helpful in your wellness journey.

Rather than buying synthetically-fortified products filled with preservatives and other chemicals, our oils, flour, and spice mixes are naturally-milled to perfection. Not only will this be beneficial for your health, but this will also help reduce the environmental pollution. In conclusion, we help you with our pure products so you can make the right choices while we do our part for the environment as well. When it comes to the development of our products, Nature Mills does not disrupt nature in its natural course.

Go start on your health and wellness journey today by starting with Nature Mills products! Let’s go back to nature and appreciate the things around us – because pure and natural is always the best thing.


Why Choose Us !!

We are the First Live Mill in UAE to follow the Seeing is Believing concept
Doing so, we have already addressed two major concerns –
Is it 100% genuine ✅
Is it hygienic ✅

To achieve our goal we have tried to blend Tradition and Technology in just the right way and made it healthful for you and sustainable for us.


We care for the environment just as we care for your health.

Affordable Price

We don't compromise on quality and only produce the best.

Friendly Place

We will provide you with exceptional customer service.

Natural Products

Our products are 100% pure and healthier.

Zero Carbon Footprints

Our products are made in-house using traditional machinery.

Lesser Food Miles

When food travels lesser, it is better for the consumer and the eco-system.


Please talk to us, we are eager to hear you out.

Talk about customization, we have got you. We are a small enterprise and ready to serve your special requests. Please talk to us, we are eager to hear you out.
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