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CLOVER Groundnut Oil – Cold Pressed

AED 18.00

Product Specifications
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Our “original, classic” super nutritious and flavorful Groundnut Oil, has just one ingredient – raw peanuts! Hand picked native peanuts pressed in a traditional wooden crusher, makes it truly organic and carry a surprisingly fresh aroma. Best purity and taste of any cold pressed groundnut oil around! with no other additives or artificial processes.

Ingredients: Raw Peanuts

Best suited for high heat cooking and deep fyring; Sediments at the bottom is a sign of purity; Oil foaming is a natural phenomena, occuring in naturally filtered oils; Elevates health benefits and taste of the food.

Quantity (ml)

500 ml, 960 ml

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Our Customer's Reviews

Preethi AshokPreethi Ashok
09:18 15 Sep 22
Best cold pressed oils we get here. Specially we liked coconut, olive oil - wood pressed and groundnut. Food taste will change and it enhances more. A big thank you for introducing this to us. Prices are moderate as per the quality. Service is good too
i hav been purchasing for last 2 years i am extremly statisfied and it definetly value for money
Yuvaraj RaviYuvaraj Ravi
11:37 23 Oct 20
Highly recommended to those who are looking for Natural products from Home and Local, appreciate the effort of store owners and employees in sourcing and serving quality products to the customers., Please keep the good work and never compromise on quality.
susmitha sidharthansusmitha sidharthan
09:19 04 May 20
Something I was waiting for.... outside Kerala... Best coconut oil, spices and country eggs ... I luv them.... Excellent customer service..
Nithya venksNithya venks
05:33 12 Apr 20
Very good shop..Quality stuff available. Service is good and timely..Home delivery is the most appreciated. Ms. Roshell is a kind lady with a smiling welcome she gives. She is very polite, prompt and flawless lady. I highly recommend Nature Mills to my friends.Thank you for your service

Our Customer's Reviews

Hema Sunkari

We are buying coconut sesame and ground nut oils along with spices for more than two years. Very satisfied with the quality and prompt delivery; and we have been recommending to many friends. thanks and continue with the same quality and service.

Mini Biju Here!

I love the coconut oil and Sesame oil from Clover Natural Mills. They are so fresh and pure that the food tastes awesome when I use it. I am a long standing customer of Clover mills and wish them all the very best for their high standard and too quality goods and service👍👍👍👍👍

Megha Jain

I have been buying their products from last couple of years and I must say their quality is really good . The spices are pure , aromatic and good texture . I’ve recently started buying the clover mill pure ghee and it’s really good like homemade ghee . I would definitely recommend this store if you are looking for freshly ground and pure spices and good quality ghee & oils

Supriya Rai

Fresh and very good quality of coconut and olive oil. Genuine products. Their paneer is also very fresh.

Gayathrii k

Clover's groundnut, sesame, and coconut oils are of excellent quality; I highly recommend them.

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