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Popularly called as clarified butter, ghee is made from organic cow milk in an authentic method mastered by the older generations. Clover Pure Cow Ghee is completely hand made following the process of culturing milk to curd, churning out butter and washing it and then melting the butter in a thick copper vessel until the milk solids separate and clear ghee is obtained by filtration. Full of flavor and nutrients, rich in taste and aroma, needless to say our ghee will make your food extraordinary. Ghee is now widely researched for its benefits that our ancestors understood with their incredible food wisdom.

Ingredients: Cow Ghee

Intake of melted ghee is considered a great boost to energy, health and regeneration; Clover Ghee is loaded with goodness which will help you enjoy taste and health simultaneously.

Quantity (ml)

250 ml, 500 ml

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