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CNM Palm Jaggery – 750 gms

AED 25.00

Quantity (gms) : 750 gms

Product Specifications
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Palm Jaggery is made with the sap collected from palm flowers on the palm tree top, it is cooked in a traditional method and gets the shape from moulds of coconut shell. Clover Palm Jaggery is one of the pure and authentic ones you will find. It has a unique taste and aroma and its health benefits are numerous. Apart from being a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, it detoxifies the body, improves metabolism and boosts immunity.

Ingredients: Unrefined Palm Jaggery

It is a natural and nutritious sweetener and known to be an energy food owing to its health quotient. Palm Jaggery Syrup is a great option to feed fussy kids needing a sweet dip with their food.

Quantity (gms)

750 gms

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